Additional Services

Document review Proofreading
Voiceover Summary Translation
Audio/Video Transcribing GIS Map Data translation
Editing Typing

Our Services

Identifying and meeting our customer needs is key to TransRu‘s continued business success. Listening to our customers is what determines our business strategies. We provide the following additional services to our customers:

  • Proofreading Editing – grammar and vocabulary (spelling, punctuation mistakes), stylistic (awkward language, misused words and expressions). TransRu also provides proofreading services of the finished translation. Our specialists will be more than happy to look through and correct your translation if needed. We charge for proofreading services 50% from the cost of a similar translation services.
  • Document review – Our document review services are provided through our client’s or our highly secure network of TransRu owned and operated Knowledge and Document Review Centers. We perform: Review for relevance and issue coding, Index creation, Coding of document types and categories etc.
  • Audio/Video Transcribing – we are able to quickly turn spoken-language content into digital text: CD, DVD, digital files, meetings, seminars, ads, Audiobooks, etc.
  • Voice-over, i.e. recording a sound track to any material (multimedia presentations, video-audio recordings, answering machines and voice menus)
  • Typing – pages from documents, contracts, letters, handwritten texts, color scanning. Cleaning, alignment, adjustment, color correction can be ordered separately .
  • Summary Translation – summary of scientific papers, theses, diplomas, legal materials in English and Russian languages.
  • GIS Map Data translation / transliteration of districts, cities, towns, streets, places for GPS and mapping companies.

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