Urgent projects

What is an urgent project

A standard project that does not require us to involve additional resources for quality translation is considered to be a translation job of 5000 or less words of the original text within one week. This is based on the standard rate of 100 words per hour and up to 50 hours per week prorated accordingly to the length of the project.

An urgent project is considered to be a translation job requiring the translation of more than 100 words per hour, or 1000 words per day, or 5000 words per week.

How is the urgency calculated

The urgency of a project is calculated as the ratio of the number of words of the original text required to be translated to the standard rate corresponding to the length of the project.

We take the urgency of the project to calculate the rate per word applicable in each case as follows. If the urgency of the project is 1.0 or below, then such a project is considered to be non-urgent, and we charge the basic rate listed on our Rates page. If the urgency of the project is above 1.0, then we charge extra the percentage equal to the urgency times 10 rounded up to the nearest 5%, so that the urgency of 2.0 becomes 20%, and the urgency of 2.4 becomes 25% on top of the basic rate.

For example, if, say, on Monday at around noon you give us three pages of text containing 1000 words to be translated  by Tuesday, then this is considered to be within the standard rate. Even if you ask us to deliver the translation by 10 a.m. the next day, we can almost certainly do this without charging you any extra. However, if the text is required to be translated by, say, 4 p.m. the same day, i.e. you give us 4 hours only, then the urgency of the project is calculated as 10 hours (the standard delivery time for a 1000 words project) / 4 hours (the project deadline) = 2.5, and we charge you just 25% on top of the basic rate. So, for example, in this case for the translation of correspondence we will ask you to pay $0.10 instead of $0.8 per word.

This is way below than most other translation agencies would ask you to pay for such an urgent project to be delivered within hours! And at the same time, our policy regarding urgent translations is completely transparent.

Justification for charging extra on urgent projects

An urgent project requires us to seek for additional translation time and/or resources, rearrange current translation projects, and pay extra for overtime and weekends. In doing so we have to charge a little extra on the urgent projects to cover up our additional expenses. Besides, this also provides incentives to our clients to consider the real urgency of their projects, and helps us to arrange the priorities according to our customers’ real needs.

Here at TransRu, we always strive to do our best to satisfy our clients’ needs, and we will work hard to meet your deadline however urgent your translation project is!

All rates and fees are negotiable and subject to change according to specific project agreements.

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